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Marian L. O'Connell      Artist, Printmaker

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News 2015

Outdoor Shows 2015

Norwalk Art Festival, CT June 27-28
Wickford Art Festival, RI, July 11 & 12
Mystic Outdoor Art Festival, CT August 8 & 9
Portland WCSH-6 Sidewalk Art Festival, ME, August 22
Mystic Village, CT, September 5, 6 & 7
Scituate Art Festival, North Scituate, RI, October 12, 13 & 14


"Summer Garden" by Marian O'ConnellThe desire as a lifetime learner and the endless promise of Intaglio printmaking has led me on a journey of experimentation. (Summer Garden , shown here, is an example of an Intaglio print.)

Living in New England, unquestionably, has influenced my subject matter. I look at the world often through the lens of my Kodak Easy Share camera trying to discover the world so often missed by others. In some ways the camera is my artist brush and back in my studio the photography and drawing are combined eventually becoming reflections of my own emotions and feelings. I enjoy each season and look forward to the changing light each brings from snow scenes in winter to summers at the beach. The architecture of Victorian houses, their doorways and rooftops are always sources of inspiration.

In 2007, an extension of printmaking led me to making my first handmade book which included a series of New England weathervanes. This led to “Walls, Gates and Fences”, another book of sequenced images of morning glories, trailing geraniums, ivy, golden rod and other summer plants set against all manner of fences.

As an artist, I would hope that my work is something to be contemplated and rediscovered each viewing over a period of time. Viewers should spend time looking at my original prints from different vantage points and light and enter a relationship with the piece until it becomes familiar. Only then will the piece become a viable new image that I am striving to create.